Sports medical Workshop & Meeting on medical aspects in Handball


11th Sports medical Workshop meets 2nd Meeting on medical aspects in Handball (Presentations in English)


Scientific management :

  • Prof. Dr. Romain Seil, Dr. Christian Nührenbörger, Mr. Jérôme Pauls (PT), Mr. Eric Besenius (MSc) 


Lecturers :

  • Dr Jesper Bencke (Denmark) ; Nikki Jung (Luxembourg) ;
  • Dr. Gérard Juin (France) ; Dr Lior Laver (UK/Israel) ;
  • Dr Patrick Luig (Germany) ; Prof. Kurt Steuer (Germany)


Afternoon Workshops :

  • ACL Injury Prevention (Prof. Bencke & Kinés CHL Eich)
  • Functional Training (J. Paulus, D. Ley, J. Pauls)



LUNEX University, 50, avenue du Parc des Sports L-4671 Differdange





Organised by the Luxembourgish Academy for Sports Medicine, Sports Physiotherapy and Sports Science together with the FLH - Luxembourgish Federation for Handball

(Members: CHL Eich - Clinique du Sport, LIH, SLMS, SLKS, SLROMS, LUNEX University, COSL, Ministère des Sports)